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Community Raffle

The museum is holding a community raffle for an oil painting by Colonel MacLellan of Ward’s Rock. 

Tickets are available at our front desk, or via etransfer to [email protected] (please send your name and contact info along with it).

  • $5.00 for a ticket
  • $10.00 for three-a two for one value.

Come visit in person to experience the museum and pick up a ticket for this piece by Colonel MacLellan valued at $500 dollars! All proceeds go to the museum.

The Margaree Salmon Museum

Historical Photos of the Museum

museum-news The Margaree Salmon Museum

Summer 2021 Newsletter

The Margaree Salmon Museum publishes its Summer 2021 Newsletter.

In this edition;

  • President’s Message,
  • Our new website,
  • Info on the new aquarium,
  • Our new summer student,
  • & more…