The Margaree Salmon Museum is a registered charitable organization devoted to the history and preservation of artifacts associated with the peoples, activities and nature of the Margaree River Watershed.

Mission Statement

To preserve the artifacts entrusted to its care, to educate and to encourage the use and conservation of the Margaree river watershed and its natural wealth for the benefit of all.


To work in partnership with our supporters, local communities, associations and visitors to perpetuate the history and conserve the natural resources of the Margaree river watershed.

Vision Statement

To be a world class destination for angling and natural history artifacts, both traditional and futuristic, that enrich the quality of life for residents and visitors to our region and be a leader in related programming for children and adults.


To promote the conservation of salmon and trout in the Margaree River and its tributaries. To sponsor and operate what is known as the “Margaree Salmon Museum” in which shall be displayed angling equipment of old time and modern origin as well as other items of interest to anglers and the general public.

You can view our by-laws at this link:


The Rossville School is pictured in the bottom right of the first image. This building, which would house the museum when it first opened, was actually the second educational facility to occupy the site. The Rossville School took on students from the Big Brook School Section which closed due to dwindling class sizes in 1918. The end of an era came for the Rossville School in 1957, when a consolidation of school districts became effective before the Northeast Margaree Consolidated School (Now the Cranton Cross Road Community Centre) was constructed and opened in 1958.


The museum as it appeared after the old Rossville Schoolhouse had been converted, prior to the expansion. The building had originally been sold by the municipality to a community group, before being sold again to the Margaree Angler’s Association for $25 in 1963. The Museum opened in 1965 with a number of artifacts to showcase. In 1966, it was decided that the museum should be open to coincide with salmon season: from June 15th to October 15th.


The 1978 Winter Works program saw members of the community construct an additional wing designed by Ronald Lelièvre adjacent to the old schoolhouse building. In 2019, the front sign was repainted to accurately portray fly fishing equipment.


Bernardine Marple – Curator

Board of Directors

Anita Coady – President
Colonel MacLellan – Vice President

Eileen Coady – Secretary
Lawrence MacLellan – Director
Barry McIsaac – Director

Helena Hart – Director

Donald Fortune – Director

Bill Haley – Director

Bernardine Marple – Director/Curator

Founding Board of Directors

President – Mrs Isabel Taylor
Ist Vice President – Bernard M Doyle
2nd Vice President – Ralph macPherson
Secretary – John F Hart
Treasurer  – Geraldi Hart
Director – Mrs Thomas MacDonald
Director  – Mr M M Kelly
Director – Mrs Laird Hart
Director – Mrs Ralph Watts
Director – Mrs Barbara Thomson

Fun Facts

The Rouge Flambé (Leaping Salmon) by Royal Dalton is one of the Museum’s treasures. It has a special glaze that is reminiscent of that used by Chinese potters of the Sung and Ming Dynasties.